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AAC Texas Rainscreen

Rainscreen System

Meet the AAC Texas Rainscreen, an engineered masterpiece that revolutionizes how we handle moisture in construction. This smart solution creates a vital space between your weather barrier and stucco cladding, guarding the structure against moisture challenges with precision and care. Built for efficiency, affordability, and easy installation, our Rainscreen ensures water drains away effectively, reducing the risk of mold, rot, and water damage. As your reliable construction ally, AAC Texas brings you the perfect solution, redefining how we protect the your project.

Key Benefits

  • + Efficient Moisture Management

    Our 6mm and 10mm rainscreen comply with the latest 2021 building code, ensuring the swift exit of incidental moisture from the wall assembly. This prevents mold, rot, and the need for expensive repairs.
  • + Cost-Effective

    Easy to install with no specialized labor or tools required. Most importantly, it aids in maintaining a dry building envelope, averting the need for costly repairs.
  • + Simple Installation

    Swift and straightforward installation process with no requirement for special tools or skilled labor.

  • Importance of Rainscreen Behind Stucco:

    In regions with intense rainfall, moisture infiltration poses a substantial risk, leading to severe damage and rot. Stucco, frequently accused, is not the core issue; inadequate moisture management is.

    Without proper drying conditions, wood can undergo molding and rot. Recognizing this, the updated 2021 building code mandates a 3/16” drainage cavity behind stucco to mitigate moisture-related problems. Our 6mm rainscreen aligns with this code, ensuring the prompt and efficient exit of any incidental moisture from the system.

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